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What do classes at Five Keys look like?

Classes vary in length, format and level. Some students meet with their teacher only once a week for one-on-one work. then work on their assignments outside of class time, whereas others may attend five or more hours of classes a day. Many students prefer to work independently, completing their high school units or GED practice on their own time under the guidance of a qualified instructor. Others opt for and prefer classes designed to meet their specific educational or vocation needs.

Most classrooms are in partnerships community-based organizations. Five Keys designs classes and hires teachers with the input of the CBO staff and clients; for example, some sites have a need for workplace math and English courses, while others focus on GED preparation or ESL classes. Of course, most sites have an array of students at many different levels, so a spectrum of independent study and group work may be provided. Teachers are paired with sites according to their area of expertise and understanding of the students' needs at that specific site.

When enrolling with Five Keys, we will obtain your prior school transcripts, conduct a brief assessment of where your academic strengths and needs then develop a plan to have you meet your academic goals.

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